Did you spot us on-field at Ullevaal this weekend? 

This Saturday DMC stood ready to assist as the sound of the whistle kicked off the cup final at Ullevaal in Oslo. The stadium was packed with supporters eagerly awaiting the result. Brann triumphed over Lillestrøm leaving the scoreboard at 2-0. 

DMC performed technical services for VAR with two technicians on site, and remote assistance from the Master Control Room located at Holbergs Plass in Oslo. As well on-site services DMC provided two well-trained replay operator who thoroughly calibrated offside lines and provided alternative angles of every situation, while two VAR referees gave instructions. 

Referees on site and in the VAR center had plenty of exiting situations to examine. There were no situations during the game that required an on-field review, anyhow the game provided a lot of great training for both technical operators and referees.

DMC looks forward to the next match! 

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