DMC Production Norway goes live with Toppserien for TV 2

DMC Norway´s new multimedia centre boiled with enthusiasm as this Saturday marked the beginning of this year´s football-season in Norway.  Out of five matches in the Norwegian female first-division Toppserien, DMC Production delivered three live productions for client TV 2 Norway.  

TV 2s head of production models and partnerships, Jens Cornelius Knudsen reported that everything had gone according to plan. DMC has met all expectations and given the female football league a brand-new level of production quality. 

”TV 2 will raise interest in Norwegian football.  Good productions from the OBOS league and Toppserien are a means of action. Today’s 2-camera productions with centralized production rooms at DMC are an important piece.  And today DMC delivered good centralized productions in the season opener for the Toppserien” he said. 

X-One truly is a one-man-show production tool. Being the only provider of X-One productions in Norway, DMC production aims to revolutionize the market for 2-5 camera productions. A well-trained operator will be able to cut between multiple cameras as well as operate slow motion and graphics, all at once. With the help of three touch screens, where one is connected to a graphics PC and the two others to the X-One. The operator uses their fingers to navigate the touch screens, and an EVS panel to create replays and highlights. Making the production both time, cost and environment friendly. 

Instead of having multiple operators, a production that previously was done by 4 people will now be able to do with just one person. A new experience for many directors, who usually work with partners. This is the case for producer Kristoffer Dahl Vollan. 

After the red lights went out, we met Kristoffer while packing up. He works as a freelance director and is one of the first people to go live with an X-One in Norway. He is used to being a part of a team of four. One EVS operator, one director and one graphics operator. As well as a sound technician. 

Did you miss your neighbours, the EVS- and graphics-operators? 

  • Of course, I did, it is a lot to handle by oneself. I am used to being a director only. On the other hand, it felt powerful to have control over the whole production myself. 

How do you feel after today? Did you think it went well? 

  •  It went ok, but there is still room for improvements. It does not happen overnight when you need to learn slow motion operation. The directing is what I am used to, and I feel quite comfortable with that part. I just need more time with the tool and discuss it with my colleagues.

What are some issues you encountered today? 

  • There are some things that might need an improvement. We did experience some trouble with graphics, but that is under control. After a few more runs I think everything will be great.  

DMC production is eager to create a dynamic environment where directors and operators look forward to coming to work and can voice their wishes for the benefit of the production output, and the client.  

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