Multi-camera productions set the mood!

Yet another weekend filled with action has passed at DMC’s broadcast center in Oslo!
With new equipment installed, everyone has been looking forward to going live with the latest technology ranging from contribution racks to onsite 4K cameras and lenses. One lens that we are especially excited about is the Fujinon UA107x8.4. ”The new UA107x8.4 is a 4K-compatible broadcast lens that offers an ultra-high 107x magnification zoom, covering the focal length range from 8.4 mm to 900 mm. Equipped with the newly-designed image-stabilization mechanism with enhanced performance, the new lens can accurately correct image blurs caused by winds or shaking of the footing without any time lag, providing added stability in video shooting. It is newly equipped with a built-in LCD panel, which allows users to adjust shooting settings in detail.

With ice hockey and football games representing the past weekend, we are really putting our brand-new broadcast center to the test and rapidly the number of parallel productions is increasing resulting in a true broadcast center mood with a lot of thrilling activities going on ranging from intense VAR (Video Assistant Referee) situations to EVS operators providing countless first-class replays.

Together with colleagues across all departments, we develop and aim to implement simplified workflows enabling ease of operation before, during, and after a broadcast. This allows us to be agile in terms of setting up remote productions of different sports and managing them from one single broadcast center. Our tech team working ’under the same roof’ during different productions also enables us to ensure consistent quality and immediate support if needed.

With a lot of exciting projects ahead we are constantly looking for new broadcast-interested colleagues that are keen to be a part of many future productions. We welcome everyone who is interested to get in touch – if you are rather new to the industry or have previous experience please send your CV to

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