Round two of Toppserien streams live from DMC Norway

DMC Norway is looking back at a successful weekend filled with football, technology and excitement. The second round of Norwegian female first division; Toppserien streamed live Saturday the 1st of April. 

DMC is happy to announce that everything is running smoothly, and the team is ready for countless football matches going forward. Toppserien marks the beginning of more than 300 productions scheduled for client TV 2, this year. DMC will be delivering two-camera productions all over the country, produced remotely from Oslo with equipment vans and camera operators on site. 

Saturday the 1st of April, DMC’s offices at Holbergs Plass were filled with excited spectators. Three simultaneous matches kicked off at 3pm, all remotely produced from DMC HQ in Oslo. DMC production specialises in forward thinking, new technology that has never been used in Norway before. Every two-camera production consists of one producer, two camera-operators and the help of a manned master control room. 

Some producers are new to the one-man-show technology used for two-camera productions. This Saturday all three matches were led by producers who went live with one-man-show technology for the first time. As expected, there was some first day-jitters, but everything went according to plan. Proving that DMC´s new production setup runs as a well-oiled machine, even with a touch of nervousness. 

DMC can report that the client is thrilled with the results of Toppserien so far. Two camera productions led by producers has already increased the production-standard of female first division football in Norway by a lot. With new producers in training, and ongoing expansions in the form of remote production vehicles, the quality of two-camera productions will increase even more in the coming months.

The team at DMC always aims to climb higher and uses this Saturday’s productions to learn. With the technical help of in-house specialists located in DMC´s master control room, the producer can monitor their own progress. By collecting theoretical and technical feedback the producer will be able to connect the two and work towards a better outcome. DMC wishes to offer young producers a chance to grow in the industry and find their own production style. 

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