TV 2´s ”hjemmebane” project where DMC provides centralised productions was selected as one of four pioneering sports broadcast projects during 2023 by SVG Sports Europe

As the football season comes to an end, TV 2 and DMC Production looks back at a successful collaboration towards a more cost efficient, sustainable approach to television production.

With over 600 games in various sports such as football, ice hockey, floorball, basketball, handball, volleyball and more the collaboration has contributed to massive gains across platforms. Future plans include over 1000 games in the next year and will likely become even more valuable to Norwegian television production. 

DMC Production travelled to London with TV 2 and partners on the 23rd of November to accept SVG´s Sports Broadcasting Achievements Award for pioneering projects during 2023. DMC`s COO Mats Berggren took part in the panel event alongside Jens Cornelius Knudsen from TV 2. The speech panel included topics regarding cost-saving by reducing on-site staff, eco-friendly sustainability gains and pros and cons of centralised production. 

DMC Production is proud to be a part of the future in broadcast and contribute to a more eco-friendly, sustainable production model. DMC looks forward to a new year of collaboration with TV 2 in sharing sports moments to every household in Norway. 

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